Self made
Rain gutters & accessories

In our production halls we produce larch wood rain gutters in three different sizes and lengths.

Art. R1 Larch wood rain gutter small 9/11 cm, H=7 cm, milled/hand planed

Art. R2 Larch wood rain gutter large 13/19 cm, H=14 cm, milled/hand planed

Art. R3 Larch wood rain gutter XL, 14/20 cm, H=20 cm milled/hand planed - on request


Our range also offers you the hooks in larch wood or hand-forged iron, suitable for our gutters:

H1   Wooden hooks small

H2   Vertical iron hooks, small

H3   Flat iron hooks, small

H4   Flat iron hooks (bent), small

H5   Wooden hooks, large

H6   Vertical iron hooks, large

H7   Flat iron hooks, large

H8   Flat iron hooks (bent), large




 Modern, yet rustical